Usage of Cricket Bowling Machine for Lefties

Doing practice with cricket bowling machine can be an opportunity for lefties to have more fun learning acts. Left-handed hitters have been among the most productive and stylish in the history of cricket batsmen and increased the number of left-handed hitters in recent decades.

Peter Roebuck, a commentator on English cricket, says that although only 23% of runs scored in test cricket in the 80s were made by lefties that number rose to 37% in 2008. Left-handed hitters have to deal with rough spots in the field and difficult angles. The angles, however, also create scoring opportunities for the lefty. Some important tips are added here under for lefties to have practice with cricket bowling machines.


Helmets and cricket bats are the same for everyone, but certain items of equipment are different for righties and lefties. Get batting gloves with extra padding on the left thumb because the thumb is more likely to be left-handed hitters hit on it. Search rangers legs have additional protective flaps on the inside of the left leg and the outside of the right leg, which are the areas that will face the player throwing the ball.

Location of Hand:

The top hand on the grip of cricket provides control in hitting. As a left-handed hitter, will be your right hand. Grab the top of the bat firmly with your right hand and place your left hand on the handle freely to one or two inches above the blade of the bat. The former Australian batsman Greg Chappell also recommends you start the rear lift your bat to your wrist cocking upper hand. These practices allow your right hand dominate your run of hits.

The Rough:

The batsmen have to deal with the rough spots on the court caused by the footsteps of the players. Players try to land his shots in these areas to make the ball bounce and turn awkwardly. Rough areas are affecting lefties more than righties because where most of the players run to deliver. Take your stand 1 to 2 feet off the batting streak, facing a fast bowler, to cover the rough area. When you deal with slow players, give one or two quick steps outside your crease to find the ball before or just before you bounce.


In cricket, who throws the ball delivery from both ends of the floor and is able to create very significant angles deliveries. As a lefty, you often will face deliveries angled away from you that are intended to induce an edge, like a foul tip to the wicket keeper and other gardeners placed there to catch you. The players will change sides and the angle of its deliveries to you to hit your wicket. Knowing the intent of the player will help you defend yourself against their tactics.

Your job is to score runs as a hitter. You should take advantage of the angles of delivery to aid your decision making. In practice, have someone throwing balls at an angle away from you and beat them to practice the covering position, similar to hit down the third base line in baseball. Make the person changes position and you throw the balls so you can beat them to the intermediate position of wicket, similar to the first base line. The most successful left-handed hitters score a lot of runs through the deck and middle wicket.

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