• Fun Bowler

    Unique Bowling Styles

    Line can be changed as per choice. Length can be change from half pitch to Full toss. It can be used with Tennis ball. Auto-Feeder is pre-attached. Well balanced quadric pod Stainless Steel legs on break wheels.

  • Magic Bowler

    Amazing Bowling Machine

    Line can be changed as per choice and length can also be changed from half pitch to full toss. It can be used for bowling Full-toss, Yorker, Short-Full Length, Good length, Top spin, etc. Well balanced quad Stainless Steel legs on break wheels.

  • Field Trainer

    Develop Fielding Qualities

    For High Catch, Sleep Catch, Parallel Catch, Short Catch, High Catch with swing, Close Catch, Single Handed Catch Practice. For Ground Fielding, Attacking Fielding, Defensive Fielding, Sloppy Fielding, Ground Fielding with swing Practice.

  • Academic Bowler

    Just Like That

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  • Super Bowler

    Just Like That

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Sourav Ganguly To Counsel Royal Challengers Bangalore – IPL News

Posted By: | Category: Cricket News | Date: May 12, 2014

Sourav Ganguly, former captain Indian Cricket team, has mentioned some important tips for Virat Kohli and Praveen Kumar of Royal Challengers Bangalore in his column in Times of India. Ganguly advised that both players have to feel fresh first while finding a way to win the matches.

He mentioned in that post, “Kohli is realising that the combination of captaincy and batsmanship is a bit different and he must quickly find a way to make that mental adjustment. It’s not a tough thing to do and my advice to him would be to decide on a plan at the start of the game, shut it out completely and direct all his mental energy and space towards scoring runs for himself, though he is bound to get affected at times for wrong decisions. He will also realise, in due course, that a lot of captaincy and tactics happens out in the middle and it’s also about being aware of situations. On the whole he has to find a way to relax and stay fresh because too much of worrying can drain you out mentally.”

“I was extremely happy when I got a call from Mumbai Indians to represent them in the IPL. I couldn’t sleep that night, and all of a sudden, I became a lot more positive. I have been playing international cricket for close to seven years now, and it was a great moment for me when I realised that I will be back in action. There came a point when I actually stopped getting out of my house, thinking what people would talk about me and feared if they would ask me different kinds of questions. I was gutted that I hadn’t got a chance to play on a platform where I have been playing for so long.”

Ganguly’s advice is very important as he is trying to help them for improving performance. Performance improvement is also related to practice. If a player gives much concentration on practice to do in a regular basis, he can find a better solution for his improvement. Cricket bowling machine is a better tool is cricket to help batsman perform aggressive shots. Indu Appliances provides better cricket bowling machine at affordable cost. Have a look at the product listing and find the best cricket bowling machine for you.

Cricket Bowling Machine – A Quick Guide for Expert Batsmen!

Posted By: | Category: Playing Tips | Date: April 30, 2014

The advantages of cricket bowling machine are abundant as players do well know about it. However, this machine has some crucial factors, which are though unknown but important for those batsmen who want to have a guide in field. The expert batsmen always want to learn tricks of hitting the ball in various styles at the same time they want balls to come in various speed and swing. This machine can be so helpful for them to teach how ball swings and leads in the field.

Unique Bowler is so effective machine as a batsman can change its line while using its Soft push button. Batsman can also change its length using Soft push button from half pitch to full toss. Alternatively, the height of bowling outlet can be also changed through its button with this a batsman can make adjustment of bowler height and bounce. In this way, a machine cane be a good guide for a batsman.

Batsmen can use Super Bowler, a new technically fit machine, which is one of the most famous cricket bowling machine at Indu Appliances. The sell rate of this machine is also high almost all the time. A batsman can use it for his regular practice. The batsman can change its line and length as per his choice and playing comfort. The special feature of this machine is to use various types of balls in it. Players can use Cricket Ball, Tennis Ball, Dimple Ball etc. It has well balanced Quadra pod Stand on break wheels.

So it should be the best decision for batsmen for the usage of cricket bowling machine as they can have a guide in the field to learn more techniques of playing shots.


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Tool Tips

  • Learn ‘two-angle and four swing’ methodology challenges.
  • How to drive straight to all four shapes of delivery.
  • Learn perfect alignment of your body.


I am delighted with Indu Appliances and the bowling machine that I received. They were very quick in picking up my need and simplifying the complex. The machine which not only met my requirements, but surpassed them as I got to learn many tips too. I am very pleased with their service levels.

Karan Jha, Hyderabad