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    Line can be changed as per choice. Length can be change from half pitch to Full toss. It can be used with Tennis ball. Auto-Feeder is pre-attached. Well balanced quadric pod Stainless Steel legs on break wheels.

  • Magic Bowler

    Amazing Bowling Machine

    Line can be changed as per choice and length can also be changed from half pitch to full toss. It can be used for bowling Full-toss, Yorker, Short-Full Length, Good length, Top spin, etc. Well balanced quad Stainless Steel legs on break wheels.

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    For High Catch, Sleep Catch, Parallel Catch, Short Catch, High Catch with swing, Close Catch, Single Handed Catch Practice. For Ground Fielding, Attacking Fielding, Defensive Fielding, Sloppy Fielding, Ground Fielding with swing Practice.

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Improve Footwork in Cricket – Cricket Bowling Machine’s Impact

Posted By: | Category: Playing Tips | Date: July 11, 2014

Are you struggling to move feet against the cricket ball?

It can be a bit difficult at times; especially when you are playing under different conditions has been brought up on. For example, if you have been trained to play the Pacers on fast courts, you will not be easy to deal with things by a slow turner. You have to be fully equipped with all the shots in the book to fit different wickets.

For this, the most important thing is to have good footwork and cricket bowling machine is such a tool to provide you much better improvement in footwork that you are looking for. If you are technically strong, no bowler on earth will be able to bother you at all, no matter what the conditions. Once you get used to the rhythm of the pedestrian while using the bowling machine, just make some adjustments to score runs.

Any hitter can go without scoring a lot of runs, but it is important not to treat the wicket to the bowler. While doing practice with a bowling machine, you must have to consider few tips mentioned below:

Consider You as the Best: Every time you go out to bat, consider the best hitter of all. Do not let the opposition get a feeling that you are afraid to face a particular bowler.

Stay completely focused: Cricket is to focus on every detail. So don’t worry about what the guardian or any other fielder has to say about you. Just focus on hitting and scoring runs as many as possible for your team.

Watch the Bowling: Regardless of the fact that they face a pacemaker or spinner, it is important to look at the ball leaves his hands around. Once this foundation has done well, you can adjust the footwork by situation.

Take a few Deliveries to Settle in: Although you can judge the nature of the field by looking at it, it is important to play a couple of deliveries to get used to the rhythm.

Against a Roll Bowling: If you are moving the ball, always bat with a low back booster. Trying to cover the line of the ball and should be aware of their trunk off, so you can easily take arms. Keep the bat and pad together. There should be no space between the bowler definitely get you out with a spoon in them otherwise. If the bowler is sharp, stand in the crease, so you have time to read the swing. If you do not have much rhythm, do not get in the crease and the front foot from the off to avoid strain dismissed leg before wicket.

Against a Bouncing Ball: If the wicket definitely be splashed with something short. To cope with such deliveries, maintain high rear elevation. There is less chance of low birth weight out, so you can always stay in the crease under such circumstances. You better play with your back foot in a field such as have to write most of Square’s pedestrian performances. There will be a lot of short things, chance of pulling, hooking and cut the ball.

Against a Spin Bowling: Sometimes, there are cracks in the pitch, allowing the spinners dominate the process. However, you can always play around either moving their feet properly. Always reach the pitch of the delivery and not allow spin much. This will force the bowler to change its length, which eventually will give the opportunity to score runs. Again, it will be important to move the pad and pat together, so that the bowler does not have a chance to sneak through.

On a slow pitch as always arriving: Batters bat the ball very well, but they have to deal with slow also covered. In that case, always plays latest. Do not reach for the ball and let it come to you. We do not recommend a sweep shot under such circumstances. Support in the crease and try to maneuver the ball with your back foot to find the gaps.

At a Rate To Wicket: Sometimes, you have no idea how the ball will behave after pitching. Some might zip through while others hold back. While batting under such circumstances, it is ideal to come forward half to play your shots. Support the fold and not play like spoon premeditated strokes or sweep.

A Perceptive Cricket Player Smartly Uses Cricket Bowling Machine

Posted By: | Category: Playing Tips | Date: July 3, 2014

Cricket is a game that both teams with 11 players each, playing with a bat and a ball. This is a sport established hundreds of years ago. A perceptive player is a contemporary player however, he thinks about the game play in a different order as he believes in win-win rather than creating figurative concern about the game.

The main attitude of a perceptive player has to give more concentration on doing practice with machines. Cricket machines are the main part of it. A perceptive player always keeps a keen eye on his practice to make consistent improvement in the performance.

A perceptive player of a cricket team plays an important role in the success of the team and that can change the course of the game. A perceptive player must take a lot of important decisions, including determining the position of the players on the field, change pitchers and participate in the raffle draw which occurs before a game. During the game, a perceptive player must decide when to switch to pitcher and who will change depending on the situation. In international games, a perceptive player must decide when to use the best plays.

Characteristics of A Perceptive Player:

  • He is a mentally strong person.
  • Guides his team for a positive mindset.
  • He is always the most active field player.
  • Makes the most of the weaknesses of the other team and plan strategies accordingly.
  • Uses the best plays wisely.
  • Makes decisions according to the result of the coin toss.
  • Keeps the team together to get as far as possible without favoring any player over the other.
  • Tries to reduce politics among team members when there is friction between them.
  • Accepts suggestions and ideas from your teammates but think about it before deploying.
  • Tries to capitalize on the strengths of each of your players and not let the other team discover their weaknesses as well the can use to your advantage.
  • Being fair and impartial. Gives a chance to the new players.
  • Maintains a good level of confidence in his team.

How to Become a Perceptive Player in Cricket?

  • Do not try to blame one person if they lose. Tell your teammates who were to blame for the whole team and not just one person to not feel guilty and can go ahead and play the next game.
  • Even when you have a fairly low score or throw the ball wrong, you keep your head up. You still have a team to run.
  • Always talk to the team before the game and tell the player’s field where they will play. This will save you some time.
  • Support your team no matter what. You have to be there for them. Do not blame one person when something goes wrong it is the fault of all.
  • Investigate each player and stadium opposing team before a series of matches to make sure you do not encounter situations can pick any player off guard or make you look like you’re not prepared.
  • Learn from the mistakes you made in previous matches and use them as leverage in future games.
  • You should always play quietly.
  • Even if your team has lost May 4 games in a series, plays 5 and last match with confidence and motivation, do not give up.
  • Always think that you are part of the second best team in the world, even if you’re like first. This will help you win many games.
  • You must always be fair to the players to prevent rebellions against you.

Usage of Cricket Bowling Machine for Lefties

Posted By: | Category: Playing Tips | Date: July 3, 2014

Doing practice with cricket bowling machine can be an opportunity for lefties to have more fun learning acts. Left-handed hitters have been among the most productive and stylish in the history of cricket batsmen and increased the number of left-handed hitters in recent decades.

Peter Roebuck, a commentator on English cricket, says that although only 23% of runs scored in test cricket in the 80s were made by lefties that number rose to 37% in 2008. Left-handed hitters have to deal with rough spots in the field and difficult angles. The angles, however, also create scoring opportunities for the lefty. Some important tips are added here under for lefties to have practice with cricket bowling machines.


Helmets and cricket bats are the same for everyone, but certain items of equipment are different for righties and lefties. Get batting gloves with extra padding on the left thumb because the thumb is more likely to be left-handed hitters hit on it. Search rangers legs have additional protective flaps on the inside of the left leg and the outside of the right leg, which are the areas that will face the player throwing the ball.

Location of Hand:

The top hand on the grip of cricket provides control in hitting. As a left-handed hitter, will be your right hand. Grab the top of the bat firmly with your right hand and place your left hand on the handle freely to one or two inches above the blade of the bat. The former Australian batsman Greg Chappell also recommends you start the rear lift your bat to your wrist cocking upper hand. These practices allow your right hand dominate your run of hits.

The Rough:

The batsmen have to deal with the rough spots on the court caused by the footsteps of the players. Players try to land his shots in these areas to make the ball bounce and turn awkwardly. Rough areas are affecting lefties more than righties because where most of the players run to deliver. Take your stand 1 to 2 feet off the batting streak, facing a fast bowler, to cover the rough area. When you deal with slow players, give one or two quick steps outside your crease to find the ball before or just before you bounce.


In cricket, who throws the ball delivery from both ends of the floor and is able to create very significant angles deliveries. As a lefty, you often will face deliveries angled away from you that are intended to induce an edge, like a foul tip to the wicket keeper and other gardeners placed there to catch you. The players will change sides and the angle of its deliveries to you to hit your wicket. Knowing the intent of the player will help you defend yourself against their tactics.

Your job is to score runs as a hitter. You should take advantage of the angles of delivery to aid your decision making. In practice, have someone throwing balls at an angle away from you and beat them to practice the covering position, similar to hit down the third base line in baseball. Make the person changes position and you throw the balls so you can beat them to the intermediate position of wicket, similar to the first base line. The most successful left-handed hitters score a lot of runs through the deck and middle wicket.

Cricket Bowling Machine – Dynamic Bowler – A Troubleshooter

Posted By: | Category: Playing Tips | Date: May 31, 2014

Dynamic bowler is a troubleshooter cricket bowling machine that provides comprehensive bowling techniques for the batsmen. Batsmen can use this bowling machine for their regular practice.

Troubleshooting Usage of Bowling Machine:

Troubleshooting is a critical part in practice when you use bowling machine. Often it has been observed that cricket bowling machine creates hurdles while doing practice. Out of many other reasons, the foremost reason can be traced as throwing the ball at desired quality. The quality is bowling process. If a batsman wants to develop his straight drive skills, the bowling should be made in swing. The machine has to understand and make in swing bowling and then the batsman can play his desired shot. However, if you have set the machine and make it for in swing delivery but you may not getting proper line and length. This is a problem. So, you can either set the machine or do it again. You can also put the machine in proper distance and re-check its bowling process. Distance often makes hurdles. You need to understand the machine’s speed and according to the speed, you have to set the machine and do practice.

Features of Dynamic Bowler:

The usage of Dynamic Bowler is very comfortable. You can change the line and length of bowling as per your convenient. Half pitch and full toss bowling facilities can be used in the most convenient way. You may not require any coach to guide your batting style. You can use it for your regular practice in net. This machine also accepts various types of balls namely, Cricket Ball, Tennis Ball, Dimple Ball etc. you can find here well balanced Quadra pod Stand on break wheels. This will provide you a balanced and a feel of human bowling process. You can also get the experience of playing for various swinging bowling as this machine can deliver ‘in-swing’ and ‘out-swing’ bowling. You can also have a comprehensive practice with spin bowling. This machine can deliver ‘off-spin’ and ‘leg-spin’ accordingly.

Why Dynamic Bowler?

Indu Appliances provides you with a feature rich bowling machine, Dynamic Bowler.  Dynamic Bowler gives high performance due to the best quality of raw material. Indu Appliances use high quality raw materials, followed by strict quality control and because of this troubleshoot problems occur less.  Refined technical ingenuity and expertise gives a tremendous push up to make high-end solutions. Have a look at this machine and do inform what exactly you are looking for.

MS Dhoni Edges The Importance of Cricket Bowling Machine

Posted By: | Category: Cricket News | Date: May 27, 2014

Cricket players especially batsmen have to use cricket bowling machine in regular practice to have consistent performance. Batting is a demanding skills, however, proper practice is only the answer for it. After finishing off an ODI against Australia, MS Dhoni edged about the importance of cricket bowling machine according to an interview with ESPN. Batsmen should select the best cricket bowling machine and have to develop consistent practice along with it. But the key is here to find the right choice of a machine, which can suffice his technical requirements. The meaning of technical requirements is the features of the machine. Some of the machine may not have high end feature, so when players will select that for the practice they may be deprived of some doing thorough practice.

MS Dhoni said in an interview with ESPN after the match against Australia, “I don’t know what they want us to do with all the new rules. I don’t know where it is going. Is it good in the long run that we are seeing – for seven hours – only fours and sixes? We knew a bit of dew will come later. And now it is slightly easy. You can break it into Twenty20 games. At 30 overs, if we need even 170-odd runs with wickets in hand, and with one more Powerplay and the extra fielder inside the circle. 180 is something every team will look to achieve in the last 20 overs. When I went in to bat, it was difficult for the new batsman. But the way he took the pressure off the new batsman, it was amazing.”

He further said with regard to cricket bowling machine, “It was more of a fight as to which side bowls less badly. With the extra fielder inside, if you are slightly off target, it goes for a boundary. A few of the bowlers are disappointed, they actually feel it will be better off to put a bowling machine there. It is a new challenge for the bowlers. I think the rules are something that we need to sit and think about if 350 is the new 280 or 290 or 300. With the rule changes and everything, most of the bowlers are getting smashed with the extra fielder inside. Even the best of the bowlers, the fast bowlers, are bowling with third man and fine leg up.”


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Tool Tips

  • Learn ‘two-angle and four swing’ methodology challenges.
  • How to drive straight to all four shapes of delivery.
  • Learn perfect alignment of your body.


I am delighted with Indu Appliances and the bowling machine that I received. They were very quick in picking up my need and simplifying the complex. The machine which not only met my requirements, but surpassed them as I got to learn many tips too. I am very pleased with their service levels.

Karan Jha, Hyderabad