Sourav Ganguly To Counsel Royal Challengers Bangalore – IPL News

Sourav Ganguly, former captain Indian Cricket team, has mentioned some important tips for Virat Kohli and Praveen Kumar of Royal Challengers Bangalore in his column in Times of India. Ganguly advised that both players have to feel fresh first while finding a way to win the matches.

He mentioned in that post, “Kohli is realising that the combination of captaincy and batsmanship is a bit different and he must quickly find a way to make that mental adjustment. It’s not a tough thing to do and my advice to him would be to decide on a plan at the start of the game, shut it out completely and direct all his mental energy and space towards scoring runs for himself, though he is bound to get affected at times for wrong decisions. He will also realise, in due course, that a lot of captaincy and tactics happens out in the middle and it’s also about being aware of situations. On the whole he has to find a way to relax and stay fresh because too much of worrying can drain you out mentally.”

“I was extremely happy when I got a call from Mumbai Indians to represent them in the IPL. I couldn’t sleep that night, and all of a sudden, I became a lot more positive. I have been playing international cricket for close to seven years now, and it was a great moment for me when I realised that I will be back in action. There came a point when I actually stopped getting out of my house, thinking what people would talk about me and feared if they would ask me different kinds of questions. I was gutted that I hadn’t got a chance to play on a platform where I have been playing for so long.”

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