It is an ideal Partner for Professional Cricket Practice. It can be use by Professional Cricketers, Aspiring Cricketers, Cricket Associations, Clubs and Cricket Academies. Our R & D Team always Strives to reduce the gap between human bowler and bowling machine. Hence in our Super Bowler and Unique Bowler you can change Line-Length and Height of Bowling outlet electronically and also reduce electric consumption.

Our mcahines are according to need, accurate, heavy duty, user friendly and built with high safety standards, can be operated with a less efforts. Safety First-In our all models we are not using rubber wheels. Open rubber wheels gives erratic throw. ( In our machines we use only concave PU wheels ). Our machines are equipped with Concave Profilled PU Wheels which gives proper gripping and accuracy in the bowling variations and turns.

Height of bowling outlet change in our “ UNIQUE BOWLER ” creates various angles and variations in the bounce. we also provide with video analysis software INDU ANALYSER ™ on request by a coach or a player. This software gives a wonderful scope for the Batsman/Fielder/Bowler to rectify and correct his technique.

In Our various models can be use Tennis Ball, Duce Ball and Dimple Ball. Hence Playing with tennis ball will give the batsman an opportunity to expose himself to Yorkers, Bouncers and Fast Deliveries without any fear. In the Process the batsman will improve reflexes and will ready to face any type of delivery with ease. The Electronic Power Transmission system in the Super Bowler and Unique Bowler enables quick change of line and length in a fraction of second, It gives real match feel to the batsman. Hence practice does not become monotonous.

INDU APPLIANCES CORPORATION OF INDIA ® is the only manufacture to offer 16 models of cricket bowling machines with price variation according to use. We are also having the machines for individual use.

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