Donation Box – INDU T-DD


Product Features

Donation Box for Pooja Rooms, Temples.
Model T DD with 6 lever lock and shutter for dual protection.
Donation Box for Pooja Rooms, Temples, etc.
Model WWL with 6 lever lock and shutter for dual protection.
If any one try to move the donation box from its place or try to damage it through gas cutter Or open by master key or hammering to brake the Donation Box , then following Security System will activate –
(1) Siren will ring
(2) Information Phone Calls to 5 persons
(3) SMS to 3 persons.
(4) Even ,If any one tries to open it with master Key, siren will ring.
To stop the siren , authorized person have to enter a code to the Registered Mobile number.
Once siren will stop, the live audio recording will started . This audio will also be telecast live to the authorized person.


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