MS Dhoni Edges The Importance of Cricket Bowling Machine

Cricket players especially batsmen have to use cricket bowling machine in regular practice to have consistent performance. Batting is a demanding skills, however, proper practice is only the answer for it. After finishing off an ODI against Australia, MS Dhoni edged about the importance of cricket bowling machine according to an interview with ESPN. Batsmen should select the best cricket bowling machine and have to develop consistent practice along with it. But the key is here to find the right choice of a machine, which can suffice his technical requirements. The meaning of technical requirements is the features of the machine. Some of the machine may not have high end feature, so when players will select that for the practice they may be deprived of some doing thorough practice.

MS Dhoni said in an interview with ESPN after the match against Australia, “I don’t know what they want us to do with all the new rules. I don’t know where it is going. Is it good in the long run that we are seeing – for seven hours – only fours and sixes? We knew a bit of dew will come later. And now it is slightly easy. You can break it into Twenty20 games. At 30 overs, if we need even 170-odd runs with wickets in hand, and with one more Powerplay and the extra fielder inside the circle. 180 is something every team will look to achieve in the last 20 overs. When I went in to bat, it was difficult for the new batsman. But the way he took the pressure off the new batsman, it was amazing.”

He further said with regard to cricket bowling machine, “It was more of a fight as to which side bowls less badly. With the extra fielder inside, if you are slightly off target, it goes for a boundary. A few of the bowlers are disappointed, they actually feel it will be better off to put a bowling machine there. It is a new challenge for the bowlers. I think the rules are something that we need to sit and think about if 350 is the new 280 or 290 or 300. With the rule changes and everything, most of the bowlers are getting smashed with the extra fielder inside. Even the best of the bowlers, the fast bowlers, are bowling with third man and fine leg up.”

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