“To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” – Abdul Kalam

When we started Indu Appliances, our whole and sole motto was to introduce the wonders of technology in the sporting world of cricket and let two amalgamate to bring out something completely extraordinary. After all these years, when we look back in self-analysis, we feel complete satisfaction in the fact that we have met our motto just as we had envisioned it.

Our simple mantra at Indu Appliances is to provide the best cricket bowling machines and become a credible supplier of cricket machines. For us, the satisfaction of our customer is of chief importance. While, new leads and customers are so important for us, we cannot even define how greatly our old customers matter to us.

We have strategized certain factors that are needed for becoming a top-notch supplier of cricket machines. First among them is – having a wonderful product. Our products are our identity, they are flawless after been tested multiple times and having extraordinary raw material and processes used in their building. We make sure that every dispatch from Indu Appliances brings it back customer’s trust and a lifetime relationship.

Our second highly important factor is timely delivery of product. Once we have been provided with a date of delivery from a client, also consented by us, it becomes the biggest priority for us to make it. There can never be any excuses for delays and delays are something, our staff and organizations completely refuse to accommodate. So, if you are doing business with the Indu Appliances, you can be more than sure that you are going to receive your delivery on the very date provided to you.

The third factor that makes Indu Appliances a leading supplier of cricket machines is our customer service. Our post-purchase service helps you to install and use machines without any hassle. Our round the clock support system ensures that we can help you the moment you find trouble with your cricket machine. This service has helped us to earn customer trust like anything. We often get contacted for repeated demo sessions or how to use some particular feature in the machine, and you know what! We are always happy to help.

Our mission at Indu Appliances is to provide the best cricket bowling machine along with the best customer and consumer experience. Your delight with our product is what we strive for! We send the orders through the finest courier in shortest possible time at your door step. Also, there is always a real warranty for all our products, so you can use the functions fully customized. After the end of the warranty period we also provide spare parts to customers so they should not face any problems in the future. We have developed the products which are affordable for all levels of customers, be it individuals or the organizations. With every purchase, there comes a CD and a manual, for easy installation and operation.

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