Introducing Custom Featured Cricket Bowling Machine – Deluxe Models

Features of Deluxe Models:

Basic levels cricket bowling machines have considerable features as players can use for their regular practice. However, deluxe models are made with further supportive qualities so that some useful features can be more helpful for the improvement of batting styles. Deluxe models works more like a human as a player can use it for practice without other human support. The best part is it accepts all type of balls.

Standalone Features:

  • These models accept – Cricket Ball, Tennis Ball, and Dimple Ball etc.
  • Deluxe models have full coach safety guard.
  • You can have practice with “In Swing” and “Out Swing” deliveries.
  • You can also have practice with “Off Spin” and “Leg Spin” deliveries.
  • Grab your Analyse Software, which comes for Free.
  • Remote Control feature helps the batsman to operate without other human.
  • Audio-Visual feature helps batsman to understand and rectify batting styles.
  • Auto Zoom Camera with 500 GB recording facility helps the batsman to understand his batting style and he can work it out.
  • Level Indicator feature helps the batsman also.
  • Remote IR Camera with Tripod is also one of the major features in these models.

Indu Appliances Endeavors to Accomplish Customer Satisfaction:

With a great mission to help customers to have maximum benefits on cricket bowling machine and other cricket machine tools, Indu Appliances provides integrated solutions on cricket bowling machines. Endeavoring to accomplish the highest standards of customer satisfaction while constantly improving systems, Indu Appliances ensure the best value for your money while gaining competitive advantage.

The Key Facts to Know:

  • Get ultimate solution for your cricket practice.
  • Get tips and ideas of using cricket bowling machine.
  • Have increased performance rate.
  • Cost effective bowling machine never get before.
  • Good online support to get your best solution

A Real Warranty for The Products:
Indu Appliances also offer a real warranty for the products, so you can use the functions fully customized. After completion of warranty period, for next 2 years if required you can use free “Technical Support Service” and get various parts on replacement basis. For example, if customer sends faulty portion of their machine then we will rectify the problem area and correct it, for this we only charged for the damaged part(s) without any service charges. After that we will also provide spare parts to customers so they can’t face any problems in future.

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