How to Play Cover Drive with Cricket Bowling Machine?

A power full shot of a cover drive is the stamping style of a distinguished cricketer. Making a power full cover drive on the right bouncing ball is always an excellent performance for a batsman. Perfect timings of the cover drive can make sure a certain boundary of four runs. However, playing cover drive is not just easy and the batsman should have a great approach of learning concern.

Why Cricket Bowling Machine for Learning Cover Drive?

Cricket bowling machine is the right equipment to let a batsman learn thoroughly how to play cover drive in the most refined manner. The strength of a cricket bowling machine is that it can put the ball in the right place according to your ability of making the shot. A batsman can drill a cover drive until you can do it instinctively with balance, coordination and timing. While using cricket bowling machine, you can develop the ‘muscle memory’ you need to be able to actually execute the shot after you have picked the line and length.

Practicing with a cricket bowling machine: Tips

First, you can set up zones using cones. Place a cone down for a fielder at point, cover, mid off and mid on. You have to figure it out as you are playing in the field. Therefore, make these arrangements in the net practice itself. Accordingly, you have to set up the cricket bowling machine to throw the ball to you on a full length at off stump. You can make delivery perfect using the machine as you have to set it up in the machine.

Start with defensive strokes; you need to concentrate playing cover drive, when the ball bounces at the right place. The variation bowling from the machine will enable you to judge the bowling speed and bouncing, hence, you can control and make a perfect timing to it.

When you feel comfortable with this, you can set the machine for different speed or bounce. You can also set up the machine for half-pitch bowling. However, you have to start doing practice in a systematic process. As you fix up bowling speed, you will be able to play cover drive in all variations of bowling.

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