• Fun Bowler

    Unique Bowling Styles

    Line can be changed as per choice. Length can be change from half pitch to Full toss. It can be used with Tennis ball. Auto-Feeder is pre-attached. Well balanced quadric pod Stainless Steel legs on break wheels.

  • Magic Bowler

    Amazing Bowling Machine

    Line can be changed as per choice and length can also be changed from half pitch to full toss. It can be used for bowling Full-toss, Yorker, Short-Full Length, Good length, Top spin, etc. Well balanced quad Stainless Steel legs on break wheels.

  • Field Trainer

    Develop Fielding Qualities

    For High Catch, Sleep Catch, Parallel Catch, Short Catch, High Catch with swing, Close Catch, Single Handed Catch Practice. For Ground Fielding, Attacking Fielding, Defensive Fielding, Sloppy Fielding, Ground Fielding with swing Practice.

  • Academic Bowler

    Just Like That

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  • Super Bowler

    Just Like That

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About Us



Indu Appliances is one of the pioneers into the world of cricket machines and has earned the reputation of being a veteran and leading supplier of cricket machinery. After all, not many players in the market provide 16 different modules of cricket bowling machines and other cricket machinery.

Indu Appliances proudly announces that we are leading the market of cricket bowling machine in India, while handling sport analyzer software Indu Analyzer and net setup. Our cricketing machinery is honing the skills of hundreds of players in different parts of the country and the world.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified unit and live the passion of excellence and trust with every single product delivered by us. Our vision and mission is to supply world class cricketing machinery including cricket bowling machines. Our products help the cricketers and cricket academies to provide accurate and consistent batting or wicket keeping practice for their students of all standards and capabilities.

Our products are absolute value for money

Our Cricket Bowling Machines:

Bowling machines do not just throw balls; they are the tools to offer an unpredictable and versatile experience to a batsman standing at the other end of pitch. Delivery excellence, variation and durability are three most important parameters to judge the quality of a cricket bowling machines. The machines delivered by Indu Appliances are known and admired for their precision.

Our machines give high performance due to the best quality of raw material that goes into their making. We use high quality raw materials, followed by strict quality control. Not only this cricket machines receive traditional and refined technical ingenuity and expertise from our skilled craftsmen. This state-of-the-art built in technology provide our cricket machines, the richness in user experience, sumptuously smooth finish, quick delivery and timely manner with all their models and sub-models.

Maintaining an international quality is a must for us, since our clientele constitute of myriads of national and international companies; and every client has got his own set of demands, requirements, prospects and expectations. However, for us the motto is same for all clients – ensuring them a supreme satisfaction with our products, irrespective of any other factor.

We have several sets of business activities. They mostly include of the necessary requirements for cricket especially cricket bowling machine, and some other cricket machines. It has been a long time since we have been providing fine tuned and delivery efficient cricket bowling machines. Since inception, our cricket bowling machine demand and supply has seen a considerable growth and progress. In fact, Indu Appliances has been a poised witness to how cricket machine market has developed in India, gradually and how the academies and coaches have found these machines worth enough of placing their trust on them. Of course, we were able to achieve every bit of it, because of highly qualified, passionate and innovative professionals we have. Having said that we would like to add, it’s not only our product that is great, it is also our post-purchase customer care that adds to our customers’ delight. After you have bought the machines, our teams at Indu Appliances leave no stones unturned to ensure that you get exactly what you have been promised.

You can always depend on us for the best quality products.


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Tool Tips

  • Learn ‘two-angle and four swing’ methodology challenges.
  • How to drive straight to all four shapes of delivery.
  • Learn perfect alignment of your body.


I am delighted with Indu Appliances and the bowling machine that I received. They were very quick in picking up my need and simplifying the complex. The machine which not only met my requirements, but surpassed them as I got to learn many tips too. I am very pleased with their service levels.

Karan Jha, Hyderabad